Manufacturing Spotlight

The New MVR40 Keeps Technology Advancing

As Pioneers of Bulk Storage and Reclaim Systems, Laidig prides itself on providing our customers with the best equipment to solve their bulk storage and handling needs.  Behind every system, there are experienced teams of people who design, engineer and manufacture each system specific to the customer and ensuring the system will function properly – all a part of the Laidig guarantee.

Powder Coating at Laidig: Adding More

Color. It adds life and energy. It makes the dim bright and the dull shine. Paint on a canvass or a wall makes an image come to life. Paint can revive or refresh the life of an object, and in some cases can extend the life by protecting its surface. Painting protects, adds life and adds value. In essence, painting adds more. At Laidig Systems, adding more is an essential part of the company philosophy. Laidig IS more than steel and IS more than just the equipment and systems that are sold all over the world. Adding a Powder Coating Process at Laidig is another step in the manufacturing process to ensure the systems and equipment are the best they can be.

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