The New MVR40 Keeps Technology Advancing

November 24, 2015

As Pioneers of Bulk Storage and Reclaim Systems, Laidig prides itself on providing our customers with the best equipment to solve their bulk storage and handling needs.  Behind every system, there are experienced teams of people who design, engineer and manufacture each system specific to the customer and ensuring the system will function properly – all a part of the Laidig guarantee.

To further enhance the excellence in our manufacturing capabilities, Laidig has recently commissioned a new addition to the manufacturing equipment family – the Mitsubishi MVR40.  The MVR40 is a precision Bridge Type Milling Machine that allows Laidig to machine very large components (up to the size of a minivan) in house.  With a table size of 3 meters wide and 4 meters long, the MVR40 is a towering piece of machinery in the 100,000 square foot manufacturing space at Laidig.  The MVR40 also provides Laidig with precision and accuracy, operating at a tolerance of two ten-thousands of an inch (0.0002”) – further assuring the precise functionality and operation of every reclaim system for our customers.

In the past, Laidig had to subcontract all of the larger parts for machining which added cost and time to the project for our customer.  Having a machine like the MVR40 on-site allows our engineering and manufacturing team the ability to consistently monitor the machined parts for quality control and accuracy. The right angle head attachment on the MVR40 reduces - and in many cases eliminates - the need to reposition parts.  This not only saves time but improves accuracy.  According to Daniel Collins, VP of Manufacturing, having the MVR40 is a “win-win” for Laidig and our customers.  “Having the MVR40 Machine in-house reduces the overall cost of the reclaim system and decreases the likelihood of re-working a part due to tolerance and fitting issues.  With everything under one roof, those dimensionally critical areas can be monitored, checked and approved before moving on in the manufacturing process.”