X-Traktor: Pioneering New Industries

MISHAWAKA, IN; October 14, 2014:  Laidig Systems, Inc. introduced the largest cantilever reclaimers ever built into the oilseed processing industry.  These Model 1033 X-Traktor reclaimers are being used at an oilseed extraction facility in Quebec, Canada, and will be storing and handling hot processed meal.
This reclaimer series will have an immediate impact on the new applications to the oilseed processing industry.  The simplicity of the design accommodates ease of access for maintenance purposes while the silo or dome is full of material.  The enormous X-Traktor Series, with a maximum diameter of 150 feet, has two models; the cantilevered Model 1033 and the perimeter trolley supported Model 1566.

Companies within the oilseed processing industry value automated material handling, specifically for quality control and safety purposes.  The X-Traktor Series provides a solution for storing and reclaiming large volumes of difficult-to-handle material.  This rugged, extreme-duty reclaimer promotes First-In-First-Out (FIFO) material delivery to maintain material quality standards.  Laidig Systems, Inc. has proven to be a trusted partner, and is committed to pioneering a total solution for industry-specific storage and material handling needs.  
"We are providing solutions for large automated storage and reclaim needs with designs that are innovative, sound and guaranteed to work.  This continues to illustrate the pioneering spirit, experience and leadership Laidig has throughout the world.  It continues to prove that we can develop and deploy storage and reclaim solutions that no other company can." Wyn Laidig, Company President

The X-Traktor Series reclaimer will have further impact, not only in the oilseed processing industry – especially in port facilities and extraction locations – but also to the biomass (wood) markets where a large diameter, heavy-duty reclaimer is desirable.