Laidig Reclaimer Unloaders




Cantilever Silo Unloader Reclaim System

Models 243, 533, 543, 633, 733

The cantilever storage and reclaim systems are designed to accommodate a wide range of material applications in flat-bottom storage structures.

The Model 243 is designed for structures up to 30’ diameter, and can handle a wider-range of materials with delivery rates of up to 200 CFM. The Model 533 and 633 (hydraulic drive) and the Model 543 are heavy-duty designs for structures up to 40’ in diameter. These heavy-duty systems can handle larger-particle-size materials with delivery rates between 200 and 400 CFM. Standard systems are designed with steel bolted tanks. Alternative designs can incorporate concrete silos. For lighter applications (some Model 243 applications) corrugated bins are also available. The largest and most robust model in the cantilever series is the Model 733 boasting up to 80' in diameter.