Laidig Reclaimer Unloaders




Cone-Bottom Silo Unloader Reclaim System

Series 3445, 4300, 5300, 8300, 9300, 9600

Cone-bottom storage and reclaim systems are ideal for materials with poor to moderate flow characteristics, such as dry meals, chemicals, plastics, and small wood waste. Standard systems are typically available with 30, 45, or 60 degree hoppers in either steel tanks or corrugated bins up to 60 feet in diameter.  Customized hopper angles and tank diameters are also available.

The Model 3445 is a simple, effective, and economic low-delivery-rate system that provides an electrically-powered reclaimer at a fixed 45-degree hopper configuration.  The 4300 hydraulic-drive series allows complete customization in mid-range delivery-rate applications of approximately 55 CFM or less.  The 5300 hydraulic-drive series provide heavy-duty systems for higher-range delivery rates of up to 200 CFM.  The hydraulically powered series (Models 8300, 9300 and 9600) are the most rugged cone-bottom systems available, capable of high delivery rates between 200 and 400 CFM.