Laidig Reclaimer Unloaders




Fluidized Screw Silo Unloader Reclaim System

Models FS510, FS1010, FS2010

The Fluidized Screw Reclaim System integrates the rugged mechanical screw with an efficient air-gravity conveyor system.  This system is ideal for large volume storage and reclaim of cement, fly ash, talc powders and other fluidized materials.  Dome systems are available up to 164' in diameter, with the capability of discharge rates up to 250 MT/hr. Laidig’s innovative Fluidized Screw Reclaim system integrates the best of two technologies.

How does the FS system work?

  • Air-gravity conveyors, consisting of an aerated center hub and radial spokes, are embedded into the dome’s sloped floor.
  • The mechanical screw reclaimer is located at a “home position” over any one of the radial spokes.
  • At start-up, initial reclamation via air-gravity conveyors reclaims a large percentage of the total stored material.
  • Secondary reclamation from the mechanical screw reclaimer breaks down remaining piles and hard pack.
  • Control systems sequentially activate air-gravity conveyor zones to coincide with the location of the screw reclaimer.
  • At shut-down, the screw reclaimer automatically returns to the nearest “home position”.

What does the FS include?

o Dome Storage Vessel

   Cylindrical base with hemispherical roof
   Service and discharge tunnel
   10-degree sloped floor with recessed center
   Large equipment access door

o Mechanical Screw Reclaim System

   Reclaim auger
   Center assembly & drive trains
   Perimeter support weldment
   Hydraulic power unit

o Air Gravity Conveyor System

   Radial conveyor sections

   Aerated center hub

   Manifolds and actuators

   Aerated discharge & transition

o Fully Automated Control System

   Local operating station
   Main control station
   Touch screen GUI
   Customized software