Laidig Reclaimer Unloaders




X-Traktor Silo Unloader Reclaim System

Models 1033, 1566

Meet the “X-Traktor.” The next generation of Laidig reclaimers.  These large-diameter, rugged machines have been designed from the ground-up to excel in the harshest material handling conditions.

It has been engineered specifically for industrial applications requiring reclamation of materials with poor flow characteristics or other properties which make the material difficult to handle. Accommodating storage structures of up to 150' (46m) in diameter, the X-Traktor is one of the largest industrial reclaimers that Laidig offers.

When larger delivery rate and diameters are required, the X-Traktor is best solution. Designed for continuous operation under the most challenging conditions, the X-Traktor will deliver your stored product automatically, with the push of a button.