Laidig Services




Steel Services

Laidig offers steel services, specializing in extra-heavy, extra-long steel structures.

Laidig provides all design, fabrication, blasting, powder coating, assembly and testing services at our Mishawaka, Indiana location.

Laidig has over 100,000 square feet of heavy-manufacturing floor space with state-of-the art machining, cutting, welding, and measuring equipment that is fully integrated with our engineering and material finishing teams.  This allows for the production of even the largest components with absolute accuracy and consistency.  

Other Services Laidig provides include:

  • Blast finishing
  • Powder coating up to 80' long x 10' wide x 8' high

Laidig's assembly and testing services offer:

  • The ability to assemble large components and systems to ensure proper fit and facilitate field installation
  • Final testing of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems to ensure trouble-free start-up and operation
  • Packaging services for safe and cost-effective shipping and handling to foreign or domestic destinations
  • Laidig's assembly team is able to pre-assemble and test large components and systems prior to packaging and shipment, ensuring the seamless field installation and start up.

Laidig pre-assembles and tests all components and systems in our plant prior to packaging and shipping for proper fit and function before they arrive at the job site.  This ensures seamless field installation and start up.